By Meladul Haq Ahmadzai

My name is Meladul Haq Ahmadzai and I am a #RisingYouth Alumni. My student e-resource project focused on sharing resources with about 30 youths in the Ottawa area on research skills to help them at school and with volunteering.

My background is in Computer/IT field and I am currently studying public health at the master’s level. I hold postgraduate degree in Global Health, office technology certificate, and a non-profit management certificate.

I moved to Canada at the age of nine years old with my family and younger siblings. Ever since, I have called this country my home. I graduated from…

Written by Siobhan Takala

Cindy Caturao (she/her) completed a #RisingYouth project just last year (2020) in the wake of the pandemic. Cindy organized Covid-Care kits for people experiencing houselessness in her community of Edmonton. In chatting with Cindy, she says that her project helped expose many systemic issues, existing limitations of government support, and biases that exist, that she is now working to better understand. Cindy is also working to ensure an intersectional approach is taken in all the work she does.

Cindy is a go getter, involved in many projects. She is currently part of Canadian Roots Exchange, a board member of Parity…

Written by Siobhan Takala, Alumni Hub Animator

At the start of 2020, David utilized a #RisingYouth grant to kickstart an advocacy project, Sports for Social Impact. The goal of his project was to raise awareness of the power that sport has to change society, something he deeply believes in.

As part of Connected North’s Future Pathways program, TakingITGlobal is interviewing Indigenous role models about their work, their art, their challenges, and their inspirations. We call them Future Pathways Fireside Chats.

KC Hall’s love for art has always been in him, and was solidified when he got a taste doing graffiti as a teenager. Hall is from Bella Bella, B.C. and currently lives in East Vancouver, where he was raised for the majority of his life.

He currently works as an artist, working on anything from canvases and murals to skateboards. …

Faits saillants du Hub des anciens

Michael MacLean (il/lui) est un ancien de #JeunesEnAction depuis 2019 après avoir réalisé un projet de construction communautaire à Dawson City, au Yukon. Michael a réalisé son projet dans le cadre de sa maîtrise en études de conception environnementale (conception-construction) à l’Université Dalhousie. Il est reconnaissant que #JeunesEnAction l’ait aidé à rester en contact avec une communauté qui lui est très chère, et à acquérir une expérience tangible en employant des méthodes de conception participative dans la communauté, spécifiquement avec les jeunes.

Alumni Hub Highlights

Michael MacLean (he/him) has been a #RisingYouth alumni since 2019 after doing a community build project in Dawson City, Yukon. Michael completed his project as part of his Masters of Environmental Design Studies (Design-Build) at Dalhousie University. He is grateful that #RisingYouth helped him to stay connected with a community very dear to him, and to gain tangible experience employing participatory design methods in community, specifically with youth.

As part of Connected North’s Future Pathways program, TakingITGlobal is interviewing Indigenous youth role models about their work, their art, their challenges, and their inspirations. We call them Future Pathways Fireside Chats.

Dwayne Drescher is an Indigenous language teacher from Inuvik, Northwest Territories, where he lives with his wife and two (soon to be three) children. He is Inuvialuit and teaches Inuvialuktun at the elementary school in Inuvik.

Dwayne completed the ITEP (Indian Teacher Education Program) at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon — a long way from home for an Inuk from the Mackenzie Delta. …

Mo Phùng (They/She/Ellui) was first supported by #RisingYouth for Oceans Week HFX (OWHFX) in 2019. OWHFX is a youth-led initiative that was designed to connect community members and ocean sectors partners, through ocean conservation and education. OWHFX was a project Mo had been working on since 2016, and each year it has grown and evolved.

Mo says that they have learnt a lot co-developing and co-leading OWHFX, and also built meaningful connections with many community members, employers and long-lasting friends. For instance, in the most recent OWHFX (2020), the OWHFX team hired Future Ancestors Services as their keynote speaker to…

Le Hub des Alumni se développe. Depuis décembre, nous avons accueilli plus de 50 nouveaux membres et nous avons ajouté de nombreuses nouvelles sections sur le Hub pour que les Alumni puissent s’impliquer. En voici quelques-unes !

Le calendrier présente divers événements, organisés par #JeunesEnAction ou des événements externes, auxquels les Alumni peuvent participer. Ce mois-ci, il y a près de 50 événements auxquels vous pouvez participer ! La plupart des activités sont organisées sur Facebook live et couvrent une variété de sujets différents.

The Alumni Hub is growing, since December we have gained 50 plus new members and have added many new sections on the Hub for Alumni to get involved with. Here are a few!

The calendar feature showcases various events, both hosted by #RisingYouth or external events, that Alumni can attend. This month, there are almost 50 events our Alumni can attend! Most of the events are held on Facebook live and cover a variety of different topics.


We empower youth to understand and act on the world’s greatest challenges.

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