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  • Maryellen J Lewis

    Maryellen J Lewis

    Chair-Global Fair Banking Initiative; Natl Community Reinvestment Coalition; fair finance, fair housing, inclusion. I'm new to Twitter - please bear with me!

  • Mateus B. Fernandes

    Mateus B. Fernandes

  • Sean Kelly

    Sean Kelly

    Principal with the Ottawa Catholic School Board

  • Tom McCallum

    Tom McCallum

    Sounding Board for Leaders seeking to go from Good to Great to Elite to World Class. Daily posts here, or https://tommccallum.com/newsletter-sign-up/

  • Julie Trell

    Julie Trell

    Philanthropy Inspirier, Enterprising Educator, Creative THNKr, Authentic Connector, Light Bulb Turner-On, Volunteer Energizer, Avid Explorer

  • Line Dalile

    Line Dalile

    18. Blogger #HuffPost. Poet. Golfer. Advocate for youth voices in education.Curious individual.

  • The Big Good

    The Big Good

    Good things are all we do

  • Spice Chungu

    Spice Chungu

    Catalyzing Social Change

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